Here you'll find a collection of my pike, caudium and camas RPMS. They're all build on plain RedHat installations. The 7.2 RPMs should work on other RedHat 7.x installations. If there are problems, let me know and if I find some spare time, i'll build RPMs for other RH7.x distributions. Maybe these RPMs even work on other distributions - just let me know if they do.

For the caudium beginners, I've put together some tarballs containing all the necessary RPMs you'll need to get a caudium server + camas webmail up and running on your system. just untar them, change to the directory and install/update all the RPMs there (rpm -Uvh *).

After installing the caudium-conf RPM, you'll find the configuration interface on port 42666, the username is admin and the password is stored in /etc/caudium/.pw

20021202: the first Version (7.2.426-1.x.rh80) of the pike RPMs where missing jpeg Support in the pike-image package, this is fixed in 7.2.426-2.x.rh80. It should be sufficient to just update the pike-image rpm if you already have the 7.2.426-1.x.rh80 packages installed.

20030120: found some time to update the packages (pike-7.2.440 caudium-1.2.22 camas-1.0.34). hopefully they'll even work - not tested yet.

The quickstart tarballs:
Distribution   Version  
RedHat 8.0    1.2.22_7.2.440_1.0.34-1   
RedHat 7.2    1.2.22_7.2.440_1.0.34-1   

The RPMs:
Distribution   Platform   Packet   Version  
RedHat 8.0    source    pike    7.2.440-1.x.rh80   
   source    caudium    1.2.22-1.x.rh80   
   source    camas    1.0.34-1.x.rh80   
   i386    pike    7.2.440-1.x.rh80   
   i386    pike-GL    7.2.440-1.x.rh80   
   i386    pike-GLUT    7.2.440-1.x.rh80   
   i386    pike-gtk    7.2.440-1.x.rh80   
   i386    pike-gdbm    7.2.440-1.x.rh80   
   i386    pike-image    7.2.440-1.x.rh80   
   i386    pike-mysql    7.2.440-1.x.rh80   
   i386    pike-odbc    7.2.440-1.x.rh80   
   i386    pike-perl    7.2.440-1.x.rh80   
   i386    pike-postgres    7.2.440-1.x.rh80   
   i386    pike-zlib    7.2.440-1.x.rh80   
   i386    pike-zlib    7.2.440-1.x.rh80   
   i386    caudium    1.2.22-1.x.rh80   
   i386    caudium-conf    1.2.22-1.x.rh80   
   noarch    camas    1.0.34-1.x.rh80   
RedHat 7.2    source    pike    7.2.440-1.x.rh72   
   source    caudium    1.2.22-1.x.rh72   
   source    camas    1.0.34-1.x.rh72   
   i386    pike    7.2.440-1.x.rh72   
   i386    pike-GL    7.2.440-1.x.rh72   
   i386    pike-GLUT    7.2.440-1.x.rh72   
   i386    pike-gtk    7.2.440-1.x.rh72   
   i386    pike-gdbm    7.2.440-1.x.rh72   
   i386    pike-image    7.2.440-1.x.rh72   
   i386    pike-mysql    7.2.440-1.x.rh72   
   i386    pike-odbc    7.2.440-1.x.rh72   
   i386    pike-perl    7.2.440-1.x.rh72   
   i386    pike-postgres    7.2.440-1.x.rh72   
   i386    pike-zlib    7.2.440-1.x.rh72   
   i386    pike-zlib    7.2.440-1.x.rh72   
   i386    caudium    1.2.22-1.x.rh72   
   i386    caudium-conf    1.2.22-1.x.rh72   
   noarch    camas    1.0.34-1.x.rh72   

or just check the whole archive

have fun,
Tom (comments to xrpm at abyss 4t2 com)